Here are the top 10 destinations for 2017

Greece – nice beaches, pristine white sand, amazing food

Malta – great lifestyle, sun, history and very safe. Comino is one of a kind. For best things to do in Malta you can do a research online. There are a ton of websites that have a large list of about 10 to 20 activities to do in Malta

Finland – Nature, lakes and great transport

USA РGreat food, grand canyon, Orlando, new york and what not. Great for shopping

Australia – harbor bridge, Melbourne city is an awesome place to chill, relax and have a beer

Canada – cold but stunning lakes and great history, skiing, mountains, breathtaking views. A safe place especially if you are worried about terrorism

Italy – wonderful historic places, the Vatican, ancient cities, agriturismo. Good wine and cheese!!

Norway – the forest and lakes are just breathtaking.. castles, big castles.

England РLondon is a vibrant city, the zoo is a great place to hang out. The iconic London bridge

Holland – Tulips, windmill, canals, clean air and pollution free cities.

All in all, Malta remains one of the top destinations in the world today.